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Innovation is evolving at a more rapid pace than ever before. At a global level, innovation is multifaceted, interconnected and everywhere.

Being close to the latest technologies and newest solutions gives your company a competitive advantage. Lower your development costs, keep up with the speed of change, and involve more specialists to work on your corporate challenges to achieve rapid change.

At innovationdawn, we make this possible by creating and tailoring an ecosystem according to your specific needs. Enabling your key decision makers to be in contact with stakeholders outside your company with one goal: boost innovation and create competitive value with your innovation efforts.

Why is an innovation ecosystem interesting?

Complex customer innovation challenges require multiple party solutions.

To identify the latest innovative ideas and leverage technological advancements to become a true business leader.

To expand and build an effective talent pool to better understand and achieve your corporate goals.

Is innovation dawn for you?

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(Open) Innovation Managers

Is it your responsibility to oversee the innovation need(s) of your company? Ecosystems can serve different goals. It helps make the transition towards a more open vision on innovation. Being surrounded by the right people lets you discover -first hand- interesting solutions for your business.

Our counterparts are as well Open Innovation Managers, who are looking for an extra pair of hands and fresh ideas to manage their current open innovation community.

R&D Managers, Head of Division/Product

Is it your responsibility to develop new solutions that make your company stand out and stay ahead of competition? You will strengthen your innovation inflow as your scientists will be nurtured with the newest ideas and developments. Your ecosystem will allow them to connect with the most suitable & trustworthy partners to achieve impactful solutions.

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How it works

Workero developed a solid, no-nonsense & proven approach to set-up, build and manage your (open) innovation ecosystem.

Before starting, we take the time to understand your needs and we stress the importance of respecting the confidentiality of all shared information.

1. Define challenge(s)

1. Define challenge(s)

We advise you to identify challenge owners (mentors) within your organisation. Our experts work directly with your internal teams to define your current challenges and obstacles. After assessing your current challenges, we perform a market analysis and provide a heat map of relevant global developments.

2. Perform scouting

2. Perform scouting

We find a diverse range of, qualified professionals and specialists across startups, scale-ups and universities to contribute to each of your challenges. But we could also include suppliers, clients or other interesting parties.

Scouting is a continuous process. We shortlist interested parties based on your feedback and refine and tailor to your specific needs. We then establish contact with new experts and specialists and integrate them into your newly established innovative ecosystem.

A first batch of companies is listed. Based on your feedback, we can refine the search and continue to tailor according to your needs. A first connection is being made, and the parties are brought into the ecosystem.

3. Build ecosystem via different activities

3. Build ecosystem via different activities

Keeping the community entertained and informed about events, challenges and making sharing of knowledge and feedback possible. Offering the community guidance to navigate the complexity of a corporation with many different divisions.

As part of the ecosystem activities, it’s optional to make (idle) testing facilities available for joint prototyping. Or to open up your office space and create physical connection moments.

We nurture your ecosystem with engagement, entertaining events and consistent outreach allowing for more meaningful feedback. This allows you to guide your community through your corporate complexities, helping you build a stronger and more knowledgeable network.

4. Organise pitching sessions

4. Organise pitching sessions

One of the key pillars of achieving transformational change is new initiatives, be inspired and eventually explore collaboration possibilities. By organising pitching sessions, you can get to know new initiatives or learn from pilot projects with your ecosystem members.

We design, plan and execute these events. And deliver reports showing the results.

5. Marketing & communication

5. Marketing & communication

Leverage your successes internally and showcase your work to the world to attract new clients. We help to keep your audiences via digital multichannel communication, advertising campaigns, testimonials and tailored content.

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What our clients say

“I believe in challenging, guiding and supporting organisations in their journey to reach commercial success with collaborative and ecosystem-based innovation strategies. This is based on 15+ years of experience in open innovation and (digital) ecosystem management.”

Professor Wim Vanhaverbeke

Professor Digital Strategy and Innovation at University of Antwerp

Stuart Askew - Senior Director Fabric & Home Care Open Innovation at Procter & Gamble

“Often new innovation comes from startups collaborating with large companies to scale-up faster and become leaner. The P&G Belgium Innovation Centre together with Workero has given us an edge to truly innovate.”

Stuart Askew

Senior Director Fabric & Home Care Open Innovation

"We want to create synergies between ourselves, the law and other innovation dawn members including startups, we actually want to create a space where law and technology can meet for the benefit of all parties involved."

Geert Somers

Attorney-at-law / Partner at Timelex

“Opening up to externals helps challenge our internal processes and tools every day. In our eyes, a combination of our long-term vision, our values and an external input is a good way of working.”

Benouit Delvaux

Project Leader at Decathlon


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